December 31, 2018

Devin and Sarah Dominican Republic Wedding

Posted in: Wedding Photography

Our last post of 2018! A wedding and a week that we will never forget. We have consistently gotten emotional looking at these photos for a lot of reasons. We straight up love these people.
As we sit back and reflect on this business and where it has taken us, and the new friends that it has given us, we are completely overwhelmed.
We changed a lot in 2018, too. We decided to start booking photography in addition to video. It was a decision that I personally struggled with, but one that I am SO happy we went through with. We have surprisingly found that while capturing the stories and memories of our couples and their families, that WE have become a part of those memories, and made memories of our own.
And as I have met and shot engagements for our 2019 couples, I know that it 100% will not disappoint.