Meet Us

Heath Whorton

Caitlin Whorotn

We are Heath and Caitlin Whorton - wedding photographers and videographers based in Arkansas.

We live to capture the love between two people.  It still blows us both away that we get to call this a job.  It is one that we take very seriously.  

Between the two of us, we have been filming and photographing these moments for over a decade.  It's our passion.

We want to capture the true version of you.  The real and authentic love that you share.  Our philosophy is simple - to capture lovers being the realest versions of themselves.

Let's create something real.

Stuff about us

Food is our love language - we are fluent in pizza and tacos. We love coffee with all of our souls. We love to eat popcorn and halfway pay attention horror movies that we have no business watching. Our kids mean the world to us.  Our favorite love story will always be our own.  We like to break rules and think outside the box creatively.